The 2 for 1

NBA coaches love 2 for 1 and NCAA coaches basically ignore it. Why?

NBA coaches have 4 opportunities (at the end of each quarter). NCAA coaches only have 2 opportunities (at the end of each half). Maybe college coaches ignore it for this reason.

I was recently watching an ACC game. The score was tied with 55 seconds left. The home team had the ball and called timeout. I was positive this High Level coach (he gets paid between 2 and 5 million dollars a year) would recognize the opportunity to go for a 2 for 1. Instead he drew up a play for his pg to run the shot clock down and then get a High Pick and Roll with the clock below 35 seconds. This ACC High Level Coach Blew It! They missed the shot and the other team got to take the last shot of the game.

If you employ this coach’s strategy, your best scenario is that you score (1 shot) and then get a stop to win the game.

If you go 2 for 1 in that situation. You give yourself 2 possessions (hopefully 2 shots) versus only one possession for your opponent.

I am not a math major but 2 shots is better than 1!!!!