The Secret Dennis Rodman Used to Get Offensive Rebounds

There are only 2 ways to shoot more shots than your opponent in a basketball game.

  1. Cause Turnovers (Turnover Differential).
  2. Get Offensive rebounds (Offensive Rebound Differential).

A team that turns it over 15 times against an opponent that turns it over 20 times would put you +5 Turnover Differential. Giving you five extra possessions to get a shot up.

A team that got 12 offensive rebounds while their opponent gets only 7 offensive rebounds would put you +5 Offensive Rebound Differential. Giving you five extra possessions to get a shot up.

This in theory could help you win a game in which you shoot a lower shooting percentage because you get up 10 more shots than your opponent. Now the big question…

Do you REALLY go after offensive Rebounds?

In all my years of watching, playing, and coaching the game of basketball, I can only recall a couple players who truly went after offensive rebounds with a  fire and passion that was memorable.

One player was a High School post player from Cedar Hill High School in the Dallas Metroplex. This young player would actually block out on the offensive end (which is rarely done). He would do a spin move on the player blocking him out (win the inside position) and then block out the defender.

The other player who passionately went after offensive rebounds was a guy named Dennis Rodman.

I played with Dennis Rodman in 2 exhibition games in the Phillippines. When we were waiting on our plane one day I cornered him and asked him his “secret” to rebounding. He said it was simple,
“I am the only guy out there going for EVERY rebound.”

The next game you play in be very aware of the first 3 point shot your team takes while you are on the court. Because if you can go get that offensive rebound, I will buy you a new 2015 fully loaded Range Rover!* Did that catch your attention? How hard would you go after that offensive rebound? What amount of effort would you put forth to get that ball?

*Bad news…I will not be getting you a new Range Rover, but maybe you’ll be able to buy yourself one if you learn to rebound like Dennis Rodman. My lawyer insisted that I include the disclaimer that this is not a valid offer. It is just a mind exercise.

But imagine if you went after just 8-10 shots a game with that type of effort and passion. How many offensive rebounds could you get individually? Imagine if a team went after offensive rebounds with that kind of passion and effort for a complete game.

That would be fun to watch!