Warrior Challenge Day 3

Warrior Challenge Day 3 Spirit- Read and listened Proverbs 3 Read and listened John 3 Prayer in the morning Body- 20 minute walk with family Workout- 25 burpees Breakfast 2 cups of rocket fuel and bowl of granola with organic honey and sliced bananas. Lunch- Salad with vinegarette dressing Dinner- Pork ribs and roasted veggies […]

Warrior Challenge Day 2

Warrior Challenge Day 2 Spirit- Prayer and meditation Read and listened to Proverbs 2 Read and listened to John 2 Mind- Met for 1 hour with Jay Duncan. Basketball coach at SMU Met for 1 hour with attorney extraordinaire Austin Wilkerson ( austinwilkerson.com ) Read 1 chapter of “mindset” Body- Workout- 15 calve raises 15 squats holding […]

Warrior Challenge

WARRIOR CHALLENGE SPIRIT MIND AND BODY Spirit Read and listen Proverbs 1 Read and listen John 1 Using my Bible App Mind Read one chapter of “Mindset” Carol Dweck Deep conversation about spiritual awakening with my wife Michelle. Read one chapter of “Money” by Tony Robbins. Body 20 minute family walk in the morning Food […]

Bill Self or Fred Hoiberg

2 Things Bill Self does better than almost any coach in the country 1. Mental Toughness– He develops mental toughness in his players that translates to wins and championships. He runs super intense practices that force his players to band together. He also has a photographic memory. If you make a mistake at any time […]


  My dad was a very successful High school and College basketball coach in Texas for many years. He was a master motivator and incredible tactician. Something that has hit me lately is what he had his players chant at the end of every huddle. You know the thing where the coach says 1 2 […]

How Bill Self made us a TEAM!

“A snowflake is one of God’s most delicate creations. But look what happens to them when they stick together. Have you ever witnessed an avalanche?” I am so convinced that there is something really special about being a part of a team. When you consider all the incredible life lessons that can be learned from […]

Make Your Office AWESOME!

  I wanted to give you 3 things that you can do that will help you during the workday. 1. Play great Music– If your workplace allows music; this is a no brainer! Music evokes emotion. You can choose music each day for your specific needs. Some days you might need a Pick-me-Up and some […]

The Secret Dennis Rodman Used to Get Offensive Rebounds

There are only 2 ways to shoot more shots than your opponent in a basketball game. Cause Turnovers (Turnover Differential). Get Offensive rebounds (Offensive Rebound Differential). A team that turns it over 15 times against an opponent that turns it over 20 times would put you +5 Turnover Differential. Giving you five extra possessions to […]