Warrior Challenge Day 2

Warrior Challenge
Day 2
Prayer and meditation
Read and listened to Proverbs 2
Read and listened to John 2
Met for 1 hour with Jay Duncan. Basketball coach at SMU
Met for 1 hour with attorney extraordinaire Austin Wilkerson ( austinwilkerson.com )
Read 1 chapter of “mindset”
15 calve raises
15 squats holding 25 pound Dumbbells
25 push ups
15 standing rows with 25 lb Dumbbells
15 tricep dips
15 biceps curls with 25 lb Dumbbells
15 shoulder presses 25 lb
15 crunches legs out
15 crunches legs bent
15 crunches legs in air
30 trunk twists with legs off ground
5 burpees
Listened to Bethel Worship on Pandora
1 cup coffee
1 cup chai tea
Steak fajitas and guacamole
Organic chicken on grill
Sliced avacado
Mentioned my 5 month old in the vlog. Here he is…